Our first snow storm of the season!

Tree yard covered in snow

The New York City area got it’s first snowstorm of the Christmas season on November 15th! The temperatures dropped and the blast of the white stuff and fridged cold air hit our wholesale yard in full force!  Our Balsam and Fraser Fir trees looked even more amazing covered in the snow.

Venturing into the storm for a Christmas tree!

The Echevrria Family braved the storm to be one of the first in NYC to bring home their tree. We appreciate all our customers that came out that day to get a head start on the Christmas season! Our quality Balsam Fir, Fraser Fir and Noble Fir will continue to be available through out November and December.

Call us at 718-464-8653 for more information on our trees and availability.

Our wholeyard address is:
235th Ct. & Hillside Ave.
Bellerose, NY 11426

Balsam Kissing Balls

We are currently accepting wholesale orders on Decorated and Undecorated Kissing Balls  Each piece is handmade with the finest Balsam fir branches. Kissing Balls are packed 4 in a case and are equipped with metal hook hangers. Decorated Kissing Balls feature stunning red ribbon.

This is a great product for Boy Scout troops & volunteer Firehouse fundraiser sales.

2018 prices are now available. Please call us at 516-795-1054 or visit our website for more information: www.jgbrands.com

Retail Christmas Trees

Snowy day at J.G. Brands

Enjoy the experience of picking out your next Christmas tree in our retail area located at the front of our 2-acre tree yard in the heart of Bellerose, NY. All of our trees are always on display standing up to make it an easy buying process for all our customers. Choose from a vibrant selection of high quality Balsam, Fraser and Noble Fir.

We look forward to seeing you this Christmas!

235th Ct. & Hillside Ave.
Bellerose, NY 11426.

J.G. Brands Community Involvement

J.G. Brands Christmas Tree Sales is active member of the Bellerose community for three decades.  Our service to the area continues through out the year after the Christmas season by supporting local youth baseball programs.  We are proud sponsors of the HBQVB Athletic Association and St. Gregory’s Coopertown Patriots.

J.G. Brands is located on 235 Ct & Hillside Ave. Bellerose NY 11426
For more information on our Christmas services and products visit: www.jgbrands.com