A Family Grown Business For Over 60 Years.

J.G. Brands Christmas Tree Sales, Inc. is a family owned and operated wholesale business, selling the highest quality Christmas trees, wreaths and roping around New York since 1950. J.G. Brands also provides a wide selection of grave blankets, netting, tree stands, decorations and other seasonal items through out the year.

Founded by Joe Grande, he began J.G. Brands with a passion of importing only the best grown Baslam Fir, Fraser Fir, Noble Fir and Douglas Fir from the farms of the United States and Canada.

We provides services to the top independent garden centers within the 5 boroughs of New York, local volunteer firehouses, churches, Boy Scout troops, and landscape design companies to name a few. Our company can also supply any business with premium sheared and natural trees up to 35ft in height. J.G. Brands has gained an excellent reputation as one of the most reliable and trusted wholesalers in the industry today.

J.G. Brands orginally shipped out of Brooklyn then moved to Jamaica, NY. From 1973 to 1988 we operated in Franklin Square, NY. J.G. has been operating at our current home of 28 years in the heart of Bellerose, NY to occupy a larger receiving and shipping location of 2 acres.



Bulk quanities of Christmas trees, wreaths, roping, grave blankets and netting.


J.G. Brands offers a full delivery truck service to all wholesale customers. Delivery to all New York boroughs, Long Island, New Jersery & Connecticut.

We also supply convenient direct delivery on trees, wreaths and blankets with our trucking company partners depending on volume size of orders that are placed.

Wholesale Yard Pick Up

We offer an option to pick up orders at our wholesale yard. Centrally located in Bellerose, NY to all major highways and bridges. Please call ahead to schedule your appointment.

Special Sized Trees

J.G. Brands can supply Balsam trees up to 35ft for any type of displaying enviorment. All large trees can be delivered or picked up upon request. Orders must be placed by end of October 2019 to insure availability.

Product Decorating

We can decorate wreaths and grave blankets for fundraisers, churches, boyscout troops, resturants, volunteer fire departments and Knights of Columbus.

Please be advised that all decorated orders must be placed by end of October 2019 to insure availability. Please contact us for price quotes.

Film & Television

J.G. Brands offers our services to productions for the Film and Television Industry. We can accommodate trees, decorated wreaths, and roping for any budget geared towards commericials, movies and music videos. Rental rates are also available upon request.


Premium Balsam Sheared

Canadian Balsam Fir 4ft. to 35ft. in size.
Grade Quality: Sheared, high density, full shape on all sides.

Balsam #1 & Promos

Balsam Sheared 6-8 ft. #1's
Grade Quality: Sheared, Light density tree

Balsam Sheared 6-8 ft. #2's
Balsam Sheared 6-8 ft. Promos
Grade Quality: Sheared, Very light density tree

Balsam Naturals

Canadian Balsam Fir 4ft. to 30ft. in size

Nova Scotia Balsam

Balsam Bundle Trees: PK. 2's 3's & 4's
Natural Balsam 6-8 ft. PK. 2.
Tables & Bases PK.10

Fraser Fir

North Carolina Fraser Fir 4ft. to 16ft.
Grade Quality: Sheared, high density, full shape on all sides.
Fraser Fir Table Tops with Stands. 3ft.-4ft. in size.

Fraser Fir #1

Fraser Fir 6-8ft. #1's
Grade Quality: Sheared, light density tree.

Noble Fir

5ft. to 16ft. in size
Grade Quality: Sheared, high density, full shape on all sides.

Douglas Fir

5ft. to 15ft. in size
Grade Quality: Sheared, high density, full shape on all sides.

Grand Fir

5ft. to 15ft. in size
Grade Quality: Sheared, high density, full shape on all sides.


Balsam Double Face Wreaths

10" Double Face
12" Double Face
14" Double Face
16" Double Face
18" Double Face
20" Double Face
24" Double Face
30" Double Face
36" Double Face
48" Double Face
60" Double Face
72" Double Face

Balsam Single Face Wreaths

10" Single Face
12" Single Face
14" Single Face
16" Single Face
18" Single Face
20" Single Face
24" Single Face
30" Single Face
36" Single Face

Balsam Kissing Balls

Undecorated & Decorated PK.4


White Pine, Mixed & Boxwood

White Pine Roping 10 YD.
White Pine Roping 25 YD.
White Pine Roping Heavy 25 YD.
White Pine & Fraser Fir Mix 25 YD.

White Pine & MTN. Laurel Mix 25 YD.

White Pine & Boxwood Mix 25 YD.
Boxwood Roping 25 YD.
Princess Pine 25 YD.
Boxwood Tips 20LBS to Crate.


Grave Blankets

Grave Blankets. Balsam/Spruce
Small: 20" x 15"
Medium: 24" x 36"
Large: 24"x 45"
Extra Large: 27" x 60"
Upright Pillows. Undecorated/Decorated
Balsam Cross 36"
Balsam Canes 36"
Balsam Tree 36"


50lbs (Average Weight).Tips on a Stick
45-50lbs (Average Weight) Balsam Fir
45-50lbs (Average Weight) Yellow Spruce
45-50lbs (Average Weight) Red Pine
45-50lbs (Average Weight) White Pine
45-50lbs (Average Weight) Fraser Fir
25lb & 50lbs (Average Weight) Nova Scotia



Basket Centerpiece
Classic Centerpeice
Deluxe Oval Centerpiece
Sleigh Centerpiece
Candy Cane Deco
Candle Ring Wreath
Deluxe Logs
Mixed Bunch
Mantle Pieces

Door Charm
Door Swag
Deluxe Diamond Swag
Daddy Burgers (W/O Holly)
Evergreen Bouquets
Noble Arch
Noble Cross Deco
Kissing Balls


TNI Netting

We are the tri-state distbutor for TNI Netting. 18", 20", 23" and 26" in festive holiday colors. 1,040 ft in length.


18" Table Top Hand Baler
20" Table Top Hand Baler
23"Table Top Hand Baler
26" Table Top Hand Baler


Santa's Solution Original

Designed to accommodate trees up to 9' tall with up to 5 1/2" trunk diameter; Solid steel construction with powder coated finish; Leak-proof, rust-proof watering liner holds approximately 1 1/2 gallons.

Santa's Solution Extreme

Santa's Solution Extreme Christmas Tree Stand provides sturdy display of trees up to 14' tall. Safe, study support.Designed to accommodate trees 7-14' tall with up to 8" trunk diameter.

Santa's Solution Floor Protector

Protect your floor from scratches and spills. This multi-use tray is designed for use under your Christmas tree during the holiday season and is also ideal for use with pet dishes, plants and more during the rest of the year.

Santa's Solution Supreme

This stand is suitable for live trees up to 10 feet tall with trunk diameters of 6.5 inches or less. The extendable retaining arms are vertically adjustable, so you can avoid branches without having to cut them off.

Santa's Solution Steel Arm

Dual arm settings allow for trucks from 1-inch to 7-inch. Solid steel arms and automatic centering system provide a perfectly balanced, stable tree in less than 5 minutes. Trees up to 9 feet.

Santa's Solution Wreath Hangers

The only 2 prong no-swing hanger available helps protect your door from scratches caused by swinging wreaths.


Model 163

Cinco Tree Stand Model 163 (Table Top) STD 163. Tree trunks to 3" and suitable for trees up to 5'. 12 per case.

Model 148

Cinco Stand Model 148 (2.0 gal) STD148 10" diameter Holds 2 gal of water. Tree trunks to 7"and suitable for trees up to 10'. 10 per case.

Model 152

Cinco Tree Stand Model 152 (1.3 gal) Holds 1.3 gal of water. 8" diameter. Tree trunks to 6" and suitable for trees up to 8'. 12 per case.

Model 144

Cinco Stand Model 144 (3.0 gal) STD144 12 "diameter Holds 3 gal water. Tree trunks to 8" and suitable for trees up to 12'.6 per case.


Pine Cones

Assortment of pine cones for decorating. Natural, glittered, white tip, and painted for any color preference. Cones come unpicked, 1 cone on a 5 inch plastic pick, and 3 cones on a 5 inch plastic pick.


Available in 9's and 40's.
Metallic, Holigraphic & Flora Satin in all colors:


JG 360° Collection

Experience our Balsam Fir trees in stunning high resolution 360° photography. Navigate by rotating on the images in any direction using a smartphone, tablet or computer.